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Identify the quality of the cable can be started from a few simple ways
Identify the quality of the cable can be started from a few simple ways:1, the appearance of the cable uniform and supple (high quality cable surface is very uniform and supple);2, the cable jacket, i
Talking about superconducting cable compared with conventional cable has the following advantages
low loss. Superconducting cable with no resistance in the liquid nitrogen vaporization temperature (about -196 ℃) transmission of large current, conductor loss of less than one-tenth of conventional c
Cable detection technology
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after the cable water we tested the changes in the characteristic impedance, when the cable damp water, the TV signal through the cable, the measured level below the value of the provisions of the ca
Talking about the Cable Security Level of Wiring Specification
One of the most recognized authorities for wiring safety is the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to establishing and maintaining safety standards across multiple
Extrusion process with the mold and extrusion die how to choose
Extrusion process operators must first master the knowledge of the process with mold, mold is reasonable, a direct impact on extrusion quality and production, it is one of the important operating skil
Discussion on High Voltage XLPE Insulation Power Cables
XLPE cables have excellent gas properties with less dielectric loss than paper and PVC insulation, XLPE cables with small capacitance and lower charge current and ground fault current in systems witho
Discussion on Irradiation Crosslinked Power Cables
Irradiation cross-linked cable is the use of high-energy beam bombardment of its molecular chain of hydrogen atoms in the discharge, resulting in voids on the molecular chain, the adjacent molecular c
Talking about the cloth wire knowledge
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Insulated wires can be divided into single strands and multiple strands according to the number of strands of each wire. Generally, insulated wires with a width of 6 mm 2 or more are stranded wires. T
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AddressNO.29, Hegang Road,
                Southern District, modern
                Industrial Port, Chengdu
                City 611730 China