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A One-Stop Manufacturer of Potentiometer and Resistor with over 25 Years.


Chengdu Guosheng Technology Co., Ltd


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Modern Industrial Port, Chengdu City 611730, China


Customer in my heart , Quality in my hand

We keep the firmly principle:"Customer in my heart , Quality in my hand",

will give you the most convenience, timely technology and after-sale service.


Manufacturer with 20 years of Technology precipitation, industry leader of potentiometer and resistor

Manufacturer with 20 years of research and development in potentiometer and resistor

Chengdu Guosheng Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1999, located in Chengdu that is one of the most beautiful cities of China. We are specialized in trimming potentiometer, wirewound potentiometer, precision potentiometer, carbon film potentiometer, wirewound high power resistor, braking resistor, aluminum housed wirewound high power resistor, rheostat, high voltage resistor and precision resistors,potentiometer Knobs, switches, and other electronic components.
We have more than 300 workers with 2 factories. With many kinds of multifunctional automation equipment designed by ourselves in 2008, we increase productivity and reduce production costs, which makes our products much more competitive. Our annual sales has exceeded a hundred and twenty million pieces since 2015. With more than 10 R&D staff, we can design and customize per customer’s requirements.
We are a high-tech enterprise that was appraised by state and one of our most famous brands “BOCHEN” that has been widely applied in the fields of instruments,meters and apparatuses, post and telecommunications, electricity power, railway signals, aviation ,aerospace, high power system and so on.
We have obtained many kinds of certificates, such as ISO9001: 2015, TUV, RoHS and etc. With excellent product quality, advanced facility, abundant technology, strict management and good services, we win the most of the community and the customer’s recognition and praise for many years.
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  • In 2017, the company was named the "Mobile Internet +" Outstanding Unit by the small and medium-sized enterprise service working committee of China Internet society.
  • In 2015, the company made a large investment to add potentiometer automatic packaging equipment, and realized the flow production. The annual output of potentiometer is expected to exceed 100 million.
    In 2015, the company increased foreign trade export business, and the products are exported to South Korea, Japan, the United States, Germany, Britain, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. The products received consistent high praise and favor from the global customers.
  • In 2014, in order to protect the core intellectual property rights, the company applied for patent protection for the independent researched and developed production equipment of potentiometer.
    In 2014, with the extensive popularization and application of mobile Internet, the company introduced mobile website, APP and WeChat Official Platform, which provides customers with all-round services.
  • In 2013, the company received the supplier certification certificate issued by Alibaba.
  • In 2012, the company obtained ISO9001:2008 quality management system certificate.
  • In November 2010, the company was awarded the title of "Outstanding Private Enterprise Entrepreneur" by the China Association of Private Enterprises 

    In 2010, the company was awarded the title of "Top Ten Outstanding Entrepreneur" by 2010 electronic industry top ten list issued by HC International Inc.
  • In 2008 and 2011, the company was awarded "AAA Grade Law-abiding Integrity Unit" and "Advanced Legal Person Unit".
  • In 2007, the company was awarded the title of "AAA Grade Credit Enterprise".
  • In May 2006, the company received the "Advanced Unit of Customer Satisfaction" issued by China Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Center and Sichuan Province Protection Center of the Rights and Interests of Legal Representative.
  • In 2003, the company entered the national torch plan project, and the project number is: 2003 EB011386.
    In 2003, The company passed the ISO9001:2003 version quality system review, and received the certificate.
  • In 2002, the company won the innovation fund support from the Ministry of Science and Technology. Certificate No. : 030139.
  • At the end of 2000, approved by the Foreign Economy & Trade Committee of Chengdu, the company obtained the "Import and Export Business Qualification".
  • In 1999, the company passed the quality system review, and received the certificate.


Management Philosophy

Management is not to say but to make.
Management is to make things simple rather than complex.
Management is far more than restraining others, but allowing them to give a free play to their competence.
Noting is too trifling for management, and nothing is fresh for a successful enterprise. To be

thus an enterprise we have to pay attention to every seemingly simple thing and make no

stupid mistakes even in thousands of times of operation.
Management begins from ourselves. It is more of self-improvement than of a technology or

an art.

Working Philosophy
Our only goal is to provide products beyond the customers’ satisfaction which means we

must think about problems in the view of customers, and make 100 percent efforts.
It is very important for our staffs to embed in mind that fastidious customers are our best

teachers rather than all general managers or managers. We are sure to provide products

beyond the customers’ satisfaction as long as we learn with our modest attitude, hearts,

efforts and knowledge. 

Service Philosophy
We are not bestowed with loyal customers by God; we have to win them with our strength

and maintain stable relationship with them through our sincerity.
Service is a relentless process to provide customers with additional value.
Serving customers is all about learning from customers.
Service is a spirit and a quality more than a cause.
Service is to give heartful help to customers for their success.
Staffs are the most important customers to an enterprise. It is vain to expect an enterprise

that can not be honest to its staffs to be reliable to its customers.
Brand Philosophy

Brand is a strategy but a policy.
Brand is not for competition, but to outperform competition.
Brand is not for now, but for future.
Brand focuses on customers rather than competitors; Brand is not to be distinct from competitors but in consumption value of target customers.
The core of brand is additional value which embodies entrepreneurs’ ideological pursuit, staffs’ conduct, consumers’ feelings and brand expectation.
It takes a long time for the brand to grow but only an instant for it to disappear.


Competition Philosophy

The cake of success is for share; to have a self-owned cake, we have to make

it by ourselves.
Surpass ourselves before going to surpass our competitors .
Following other’s step, we could run a risk of stepping into a trap.
The best way to outperform our competitors is to have them learn from us; the

only advantage we taken to surpass our competitors is fast innovation speed.
Long distance form customers means we are far behind our competitors.
Treat our competitors with: Respect, learning, courage to compete, no comment, letting go the comments of our competitors.