3296W-1-102LF/3296 potentiometer

概要:Cermet Trimmer Potentiometer 3296W Electrical Characteristics Standard Resistance Range 10Ω~5MΩ Resistance Rolerance ±10% ±5% (customization) Terminal Resistance ≤1%R or 2Ω Insulation Resistance R1≥ 1GΩ Rated Power 0.5W ( 300V max) Withstand Voltage 101.3kPa 600V 8.5kPa 360V Contact Resistance Variation (CRV) ≤3%R or 3Ω Effective Electrical Travel 30±2 cycles Environment Characteristics Temperature Range -55°C~+125°C Temperature Coefficient ±250, ±100ppm/°C C... FOB Price: US $0.01 - 99/ Piece Min.Order Quantity: 1000 Pieces for Trimming Pot; 100 Pieces for Wire-wound Pot; and etc. Supply Ability: 100000000 Pieces per Month Production Time: 5-10 workdays for regular orders; 1-5 workdays for samples order. Port: Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Chengdu and etc Payment Terms: Western Union, Visa/Master Card, T/T, Paypal, e-checking and etc Services: ODM, OEM
Cermet Trimmer Potentiometer 3296W
Electrical Characteristics Standard Resistance Range 10Ω~5MΩ
Resistance Rolerance ±10%   ±5% (customization)
Terminal Resistance ≤1%R or 2Ω
Insulation Resistance R1≥ 1GΩ
Rated Power 0.5W ( 300V max)
Withstand Voltage 101.3kPa 600V  8.5kPa 360V
Contact Resistance Variation (CRV) ≤3%R or 3Ω
Effective Electrical Travel 30±2 cycles
Environment Characteristics Temperature Range -55°C~+125°C
Temperature  Coefficient ±250, ±100ppm/°C
Collision (390m/S2, 4000 times) ΔR≤±1%R
Vibration (10-500HZ, 0.75mm or 98m/ 6h) ΔR≤±1%R, ΔUab/Uac≤±2%R
Temperature Variation ΔR≤±2%R,ΔUab/Uac≤±1%R
Climate Category ΔR≤± 3%R, R1≥100MΩ
Electrical Endurance (70°C,0.5W,1000h) ΔR≤± 3%R
Mechanical Endurance (200 cycles) ΔR≤± 3%R
Steady Damp-Heat ΔR≤± 3%R, R1≥100MΩ
Physical Characteristics Total Mechanical Travel 30±2 cycles
Starting Torque ≤36mN.m
Clutch Torque ≤36mN.m


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